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Scoring feminist totalitarianism
Sexual correctness is a dogma that permits no dissent. Gender feminists have no scruples about silencing and dismissing the voices of women who disagree. Thus -- though individualist feminism is a rich tradition with deep roots in American history -- it is virtually ignored. This bibliographic essay is a pioneering step toward reclaiming an aspect of feminist history that the orthodoxy would rather remain in the dustbin.
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21st-Century Feminism by Wendy McElroy.
The 21st-century feminist is anyone female or male who rejects gender privilege and demands real equality for men and women under the law.

Mises' Legacy to Feminism by Wendy McElroy.
Ludwig von Mises provides penetrating insights on modern feminism's use of class analysis.

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bibliographical essay Anarchism and Feminism: Scoring Feminist Totalitarianism, by Wendy McElroy

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