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Letters to the Editor
April 9, 2002

I am the terrible, offending "woman bashing" editor of Transitions, the newsletter of the National Coalition of Free Men ("NCFM").

Glenn Sacks' recent article about terrible women bashing within menís groups was pure defamation. He neglected to tell you a few simple facts.

The issue of Transitions that offended Mr. Sacks did indeed feature the cartoon that he so objected to. What Mr. Sacks does not tell you is that two other articles about women appeared in that same issue. I wrote one, a tribute to my aunt Wilma who had died recently. The other, written by Francis Baumli, was an eloquent tribute to Dolly Parton. If youíd like to measure it that way, the volume of laudatory writing about women was approximately ten times greater than the material Sacks refers to as "women bashing." Perhaps Mr. Sacks agrees with the feminist tenet that women like my aunt Wilma and Dolly Parton are not really women.

The issue here is not whether NCFM is engaged in women bashing. The issue is whether men have the right to criticize women at all. Mr. Sacks is a PC censor who feels that men simply do not have the right to criticize women.

Mr. Sacks has engaged in this defamation of Transitions because he is greedy for recognition and power. Only a few months into membership in NCFM, Mr. Sacks has attempted to purge those members who do not hew to his PC agenda. Mr. Sacks is an enemy of the individualist ideas embodied in IFeminist.

Mr. Sacks neglected to tell you a few things about me. I am married to a woman who has a professional career. I have raised two daughters, one of them a step-daughter. Both of my daughters are college-educated and self-reliant.

I do not believe in women bashing. Nor am I particularly opposed to it. I am an advocate of complete freedom of speech. Men and women should be able to say whatever they want to say. The fact that men say some things that are critical of women does not mean that those men are "women bashers." Mr. Sacks is an enforcer of the PC code. Just as no person is allowed to criticize blacks without being defamed as a "racist," Sacks would like to defame any man who dares to criticize women in any regard as a "woman basher."

IFeminist has done a disservice to freedom of speech and reasonable debate by publishing this defamatory article about Transitions and NCFM. Mr. Sacks is a closet Stalinist who would like to purge any man who dares to criticize women from the ranks of menís groups. He wants to do so to place a halo over his head and annoint himself as the only sainted leader of men.

Stephen Thomas

Glenn Sacks responds:

Regarding Stephen Thomas' hysterical denunciation of me, let me make a couple of points:

1) Stephen says that I am "greedy for power" and that I "attempted to purge those [NCFM] members who do not hew to [my] PC agenda." Yes, so greedy for power that I was offered the editorship of the NCFM's publication Transitions several times--Stephen's job--and turned it down each time. NCFM is a fine organization, but I prefer to make my writing my activism. I've done practically nothing in my brief time as a member of NCFM, much less attempt to organize a Stalinist purge to put myself in power.

2) I never even mentioned Stephen's name in my piece and he is only a small part of it, but he instantly took the entire piece as a direct and savage attack on him and only him. Stephen needs to understand that if he is going to write articles and edit publications people will sometimes criticize him and his ideas--it's nothing to go mental over.

3) Stephen spends most of the article defending himself against phantom attacks--I never said or implied anything about Stephen personally, and in fact I went out of my way to say that I think most males who rhetorically bash women do so not out of misogyny but out of misdirected frustration. Stephen says he's a good husband and a good father to his daughters and I'm glad to hear it, but his character had nothing to do with my article.

Anyone interested in reading my column "Confronting Woman-Bashing In the Men's Movement" can do so at www.GlennSacks.com. The rest of Thomas' frenzied letter speaks for itself--Stephen, next time try decaf.

Best Wishes,
Glenn Sacks

"A low-profile lawsuit at the University of Virginia School of Law could make professors liable for the childhood traumas of their students."

I read this article, forwarded to me by a coworker.† I wanted to scream in anger and frustration upon completion.

My heart goes out to Ms. Sanchez for her horrific struggles and sufferings during her childhood.† No human should have to endure this type of treatment.†† On the other hand, if the simple tap/rubbing on the shoulder by a professor generates such an explosive action under the guise of awakened suppressed childhood memories, then what is the court to expect once involved in some godforsaken case dealing with some sickening topic such as child rape?†† I mean, hey... what if someone accidentally bumps into her during the trial? eek!

And Professor Abraham, what about him?† What about this victim?† Obviously a gifted instructor, one who cares deeply about his subject, and those he teaches.† It seems now days these types of teachers are getting harder and harder to find.† He has become a victim of his gift, his passion for teaching, and desire to ignite that education passion in his students.

Ms. Sanchez can "shrug off" this issue as you noted in your article, which really confuses me.† A woman so "traumatized" that she brings suit against an instructor over a harmless touch can "shrug off" the potential outcome of this suit?† (**According to the March 27 Daily Progress, Sanchez reportedly "shrugs off" concerns such as the chilling of free speech in the classroom.)† How can she stand in this country, and enjoy the benefit of freedom with this attitude?†† A nice twenty five thou for compensatory, and ten thou for punitive... yeah baby... that smells like law school money to me.

This woman makes me sick.† She makes me ill for all the other women in this country who have fought to rise from the ashes of a painful past.† I can write no more, as this topic so thoroughly disgusts me I find a migraine coming on, and an upset stomach rumbling...† Maybe I could sue you for some Pepto-Bismol or Excedrin????


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